Sunday, July 9, 2017


It isn't unusual to find these little grass stems growing in my potted plants. But this year seems to be the year for more varieties of volunteers.

Like this one right in the middle of the flowers Doug brought me. Is it another flower? Have to let it grow some more to see what it is.

The pot of Hen and Chicks sat below the zinnias last year, so I know this is a self-seeded zinnia, probably a pink one. I decided to let it grow until it blooms. That is if whatever is eating holes in it doesn't kill it first.

Another one I'm letting grow because I'm curious - it is either a cucumber or some kind of melon. Like Doug's flowers, this one was bought at a greenhouse. So the seeds must have been in the potting soil?

What has become my favorite volunteer each year - a sunflower plant. This one is getting close to blooming. I never knew before these volunteers showed up how much I love sunflowers.

And look among the yarrow - four or five or maybe more sunflower plants growing. They must like it hot and dry. I'm really going to enjoy my volunteers - at least some of them.

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