Saturday, July 1, 2017

July Already? Really?

The title says it all and that's all I'm going to say about it.

The first day of a long Fourth of July holiday weekend. As I said to Hubby Dearest yesterday, "How many people do you think took today (Friday) and Monday off?

We were out of eggs plus I wanted to see Doug & Shelly's remodeled bathroom so we went to Casey this morning.

I thought I had blogged about this before, but didn't find it if I had. Their house was built from a mail order kit from the Aladdin Company, Bay City, Michigan almost 100 years ago. I think this was the right style and look at the price - $650.00 for an entire house! Of course that didn't include the land nor the labor costs to put it together.
It also didn't include a bathroom. Until two weeks ago, the bathroom on Doug and Shelly's house was an add-on, kind of like a shed, on the southwest corner.

Doug tore off the old roof and extended it to the same height as the house roof.

Then he installed a skylight, turning a once dark, enclosed space into a light and airy one. There's still some finish work to do, but the 'new' bathroom is functioning as it is meant to.

It's not the first time he has installed a skylight in a bathroom - this is Doug showing us how the skylight opened in a house he was remodeling in Adel three years ago.

I admire my son's capabilities, but I'm also a little jealous. I wish I had learned years ago to do some of the things he knows how to do. I never got beyond painting and papering.

We stopped at the Freedom Rock on the way home to see this year's scenes. The first thing I noticed was a very familiar looking man. "That looks like the guy on TV who used to show us how to paint a picture." Bubba had painted Bob Ross painting a picture of himself in uniform (Air Force). The words say, "Master Painter and Master Sergeant, Bob Ross."

As interesting as it is to see the newly painted rock each year, it is also very touching to see the items left as memorials on the light pole next to the rock.

A Vietnam Veteran very dear to me. It was a good start toward the holiday on which we celebrate the birth of our country's independence.

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