Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Visiting With Lorrie Anne

My nephew posted this photo of him with his two sisters last week saying it was the first time all of them had been together in eleven years. I *gently* corrected him saying they had all been here seven years ago for his Dad's 70th birthday party.
Which led to Lorrie thanking me for the reminder because she couldn't believe it had been 11 years. Then she sent me a message saying they were coming to our vicinity to visit her Dad and step-mother, "Can we get some coffee with you guys sometime?"
Oh boy! Could we!? I was so excited to see them. Her twin sons had just turned 14 and her youngest is 11 - they probably wouldn't even remember me from seven years ago. They were probably 'too cool' to care about visiting a great-aunt.

But the same fountain was burbling when they got here for coffee and cookies Sunday morning and I asked them if they remembered being here before and racing by dropping potato chips into the water to see whose made it to the bottom first. They said they did. And I really meant to get a photo of them doing the same thing this time and failed to do so. Darn. (The three of them pictured with their older cousin, Nicholas.)

Monday morning we met for breakfast and then came back here because the day before Bud had asked the boys if they would like to go fishing.

Silly question - of course they did. Unfortunately there were only two rods and reels so there had to be some sharing. This is Erick taking his turn while Aiden and Carston wait patiently. 

Aiden with his fish. The fish may not be very big, but the fun is catching something.

Carston with one of his catches.

Their dad, Kevin, even got in on the fun.

Meanwhile, Lorrie, who, among other talents is a professional photographer, was setting up for a group photo. When she saw me taking this picture she had to laugh. "You're not taking my picture!" "Yep, and it's going to be published online." (Love this picture of her.)

And since I haven't learned how to do a delayed snap on my camera yet, Bud took one of the rest of us without him in the photo.

I cannot express enough how much it meant to spend some time visiting with my niece and her family. It was wonderful. And my grand-nephews said "We'll be back." I said I hoped it wasn't going to be another seven years and they assured me it wouldn't be.

Meantime we haven't been to see them since they moved to Flagstaff. Last time I stayed in Flagstaff was for our first visit to the Grand Canyon. Hmm, family visit and the Grand Canyon?  Sounds like a good idea to me.

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