Saturday, July 22, 2017

Smelling The Sunflowers

The only time I remember ever planting sunflower seeds was in the backyard of our house on 4th in West Des Moines. It was along the fence near the dove cote where they flourished.

They weren't your typical sunflowers, but rather Tithonia 'Torch' also known as the Mexican Sunflower. I chose them because they were supposed to attract butterflies, especially Monarchs. I was not disappointed.

Two years ago a volunteer sunflower started growing along the south side of the deck. At first I was going to pull it out but it was in an okay location so I let it grow. I was so glad I did. Looking at it made me happy.
I posted this photo on Facebook with the caption: "I finally get Van Gogh!"

Though, to be honest, I still don't understand how someone could pay almost forty million dollars for one of Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings.

I remember the first time we drove through Kansas, The Sunflower State, and saw field upon field of sunflowers. Awesome. (Or maybe that is Oz-sum.)

This year the biggest volunteer sunflower is about ten feet east of where it was two years ago, but there are a number of smaller plants where that first one was - one of which is blooming.

The funny thing is, even though I have an aerosol spray can of Renuzit New Naturals 'Sun & Flowers' in the bathroom (something I bought many years ago and never used until now), I had never tried smelling the sunflowers until this summer. I didn't think they had an aroma. I thought their appeal was visual.
I understand not all sunflowers do have a fragrance, but these, these lovely volunteers have a sweet, sugary, cotton candy smell that I love. And they are just the right height to stick my nose into - watching out first for bees - every time I go by them.
Smelling the sunflowers - a small pleasure on a hot July day.

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