Monday, July 17, 2017

A Few More Old Family Photos

Aunt Lois, Mom (Ruth) Aunt Evelyn and their cousin Ray. Ray was born in May, 1922, so I guess this picture to be Spring, 1923. Lois was born June, 1920, so almost 3. Ruth born January, 1919, age 4. Isn't she just the cutest little girl? And is that a huge bow in her hair or something behind her? Evelyn born November, 1916, age 6. It also looks like she might have a bow in the back of her hair. Ray tragically died after being kicked in the stomach by a colt the month before his 18th birthday.

 Grandma Delphia, her brother Orphas and sister Drothel. Orphas was born in 1883. There was a sister, Delilah born in 1890 who died aged 2, then Drothel born in 1893 and Delphia in 1896. So guessing their ages in this photo, 9, 22 and 12?

Besides the marked age differences in the photo, the other most surprising thing to me was Grandma Delphia's long curls.

Is that why Mom curled my hair like that when I was young? It made me wonder if I could see familial similarities.

I decided my little sister Betty, pictured age 2 with Grandma's cat, most resembled a young Delphia. Though perhaps if young Ruth had had long curls instead of short hair I would see more of a resemblance?

I just love looking at old photos of family members and trying to piece together the puzzles of their lives.

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