Saturday, July 8, 2017

I Went To The Animal Fair

♪The birds and the beasts were there....♪ Do kids still learn these silly old songs?

Actually, we were in the old hometown this morning and stopped for a few minutes at the Adams County Fair.

Today was the first day and the entries were just being brought in, judged and displayed. The photography exhibit is where I always go first.

The 4-H clubs were getting their exhibitions ready. I photographed the Jasper Specialists because that is the club my little brother belonged to. Their theme this year was groovy. I *know* Les will appreciate that. (He'll also appreciate that I'm about to post a 4-H photo of him, but first....) At the left corner you can see part of an old window. I noted the last name on it was Moore and asked the young woman who her family was. Yes, it was who I thought - her great-grandfather and my Dad were good friends. And her Dad and my son were second grade classmates.

The livestock entries weren't in yet, so here is my little brother with his dairy heifer, April, at the fair, oh, about 50 years ago?

One young man had turned the turkey feathers from his hunt into a plaque. I thought this was quite handsome and original. The sign says, "Please do not touch." Unlike our illustrious Vice-president, I honored the request.

Another project I admired. A very attractive piece using horse shoes, harness hames, wagon wheel rim and disc blade. This 4-H'er had a geranium hanging from it, but I could also see it as a hanger for wind chimes or even a collection of old farm tools.

A clever planter for one of the currently popular fairy gardens.

And lastly, the quilt being raffled off.....

And this display of quilt blocks illustrating some of the myriad various quilt patterns.

There would have been much more to see if we had stayed later and even though the county fair is nothing like it was when I was a kid, it was still enjoyable to spend a little time at the Animal Adams County Fair.

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