Thursday, July 27, 2017

Brooding Over A Brood

What a delightful surprise to see this mama wood duck and her brood headed for the pond this morning. I have often wondered why, when we see the adult wood ducks all spring, have we never had baby ducklings on the pond.

I tried counting the little ones, which is hard to do, and came up with either 12 or 13.

Here they are in a semblance of a line. How many do you see? So far they have stayed in the shallows at the corner of the pond. I'm hoping to see them swimming further out on the water. (And get photos)

I have Hubby Dearest to thank for alerting me to these babies. If he hadn't spotted them I might not have seen them - at least not this morning. What a fun start to a lovely summer day.

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