Thursday, July 20, 2017

Makes You Wonder Why

"Lonely looking sky, lonely sky
     And being lonely

Makes you wonder why
    Lonely looking sky

Lonely looking night, 
     lonely night

And bein' lonely
     never made it right

Sleep, we sleep

For we may dream
     while we may dream

For we may wake
     one more day

Glory looking day, 
     glory day

And all its glory told a simple way
     Behold it if you may

Glory looking day on

Lonely looking sky"

The Grammy award winning soundtrack album to the 1973 movie Jonathan Livingston Seagull has long been one of my favorites. Two of the songs are especially meaningful, Be and Lonely Looking Sky. Some of the latter's lyrics accompany a few of my many, many sky photos. 

Makes you wonder why; you really shouldn't.

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