Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I Have A 'Cupple' New Cups

Once I made my mind up to purge before moving to our new home I was ruthless in getting rid of stuff. I must have had three or four dozen cups. I pared that down to the four that matched one of the sets of Corelle I was keeping and about half dozen favorite coffee mugs - just enough to fit comfortably on one shelf.
What I didn't count on was attrition by breakage. First it was one of my pig mugs then it was my lady mug. I decided to be on the lookout for a stray mug or two at garage sales.

Which is where I found that pretty floral mug on the far right. I think I gave fifty cents for it. The other three are ones that made the move from the farm.

I was content with the number of coffee mugs again until one of those impetuous urges struck me - one of those serendipitous results of a chance wandering. I blame it on all those Cork O'Connor books I was binging on in November. The word gorget was used in describing something a Native American woman was wearing. I was quite certain I knew what a gorget was, but I decided to google it for confirmation.

Indeed, many different images of stone, shell, bone and beaded decorative neck pieces were displayed.
I probably clicked on one of the antique shell pendants pictured to read more about it because of my interest in the Mississippian Mound Builders.

And I *think* it was because it was Black Friday, one of the sites that came up was for this one. That's when the impulse kicked in and I ordered a new coffee mug. My order confirmation was immediate with the notation that I would be notified when it shipped.

December 1 I received notification it had shipped, given a FedEx tracking number and told to expect my package in eight to ten days. On December 9 I received an e-mail from the company asking me to fill out a survey telling them how they did. Ignored; hadn't received the cup yet. Again on the 12th, "How was your experience?" Ignored; no package yet.

I tried tracking it with the number given me but all it said was 'in transit'. Then, on the 13th, it said "Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service." (FedEx partners with the Post Office for final delivery of some shipments.) "So, okay", I think, "the package label was damaged or something and the P.O. needed more info. I should get it in a day or two."

I waited and waited and waited until the week before Christmas when I finally called CafePress and asked if they could track my order from their end. They could only see the same info as I. "We will reship your order express." That was the 17th. On Monday, the 21st, I received my new Mississippian Culture Shells Gorgets mug.

The next day there was another similar package in the mailbox. This one - the original shipment - had a very easily removed sticker covering the name and address. Does that explain anything?

Yes, it does. It explains how/why I now have a cupple new cups.

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  1. I ought to get rid of a few cups that are meaningless to me, just to make room for my souvenir cups. I used to buy t-shirts as keepsakes from places of interest; these days I'll buy a coffee mug. Cliff almost passed out when I paid $15 bucks for an Antique Archaeology cup (American Pickers) on one of our trips in Iowa.