Sunday, January 10, 2016

Taking A Sunday Drive #10

Ahh, New Mexico, Land of Enchantment and more than one trip to and through. The first time was in search of Billy The Kid....

.....and to visit the sites of the Lincoln County War.

As well as a stop in Roswell for a look-see at the UFO museum.

On another trip through the state we discovered Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos. We both loved these ancient ruins and cave dwellings. In the above photo Bud is standing above an underground kiva. Climbing all the ladders up to the cliff dwellings was a major accomplishment for me.

We were both surprised that the ruins weren't 'off limits' - that we could actually be in such delicate historical dwellings.
The museum and the history of the area was fascinating.

During WWII, the monument was closed as some of the workers on the Manhattan Project were housed in the lodge there.

Our most recent journey through New Mexico - now almost six years ago - saw a stop in Truth or Consequences, formerly Hot Springs but renamed after a contest on the popular Truth or Consequences radio show hosted by Ralph Edwards. My photo is of the Los Palomas Plaza next door to the Geronimo Springs Museum.

 The Mother Road (Route 66) is always a draw for us when we travel I-40, so when we overnighted at Santa Rosa on this trip we knew we were going to visit the Route 66 Auto Museum.

Just in the door and I did not have to plead too much to get Bud to pose with Marilyn.

I took fifty-five pictures here, so I'm going to have to be selective about the ones I share.

Bud is more of a Chevy fan...

...... while I gravitate toward Mopars. This 1939 Dodge coupe caught my fancy.

It was actually for sale if I'd had the $$$$$.

Bud would have opted for this one - also for sale.

Maybe in black?

There were even old vehicles outside - waiting to be restored? We share an interest in old cars and both enjoyed this museum.

We also discovered another Blue Hole (or blue pool) to add to my list. This one is a popular destination for scuba diving and training. The water temperature according to the sign is a constant 61°. The depth is 81 feet. The surface diameter is only 60 feet but the diameter at the bottom of the pool is 130 feet.

Outflow from this artesian pool is 3000 gallons per minute.

New Mexico truly is a land of enchantment - one that holds many areas I still hope to visit.

I'll go back every time I have the opportunity.

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