Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kansas City Dawg For Lunch

When I was young the only difference in the way you ate a hot dog was whether you preferred ketchup or mustard on it. Until I was past my teen years, I preferred ketchup. Then I learned better and switched to mustard.
Hot dogs were a staple when my kids were young. Easy, quick, inexpensive and, bonus, something they would all agree on and eat. Again, before I learned better, I bought whatever brand was on sale, which meant 49 or 59 cents a package. Then I had hot dogs at my brother's house. My sister-in-law, Ruthie, would buy nothing but Oscar Mayer weiners - the expensive 99 cents a package hot dogs! It took me a while but I finally realized she was right - they were much better and worth the price.
But lately I've notice that not even the regular Oscar Mayer's are good enough any more, even if they are now $2.00 a package, on sale. I've started buying the all beef O-M's which are almost $5.00 a package!

Some time ago I learned you can tell where a person is from by what they eat on their hot dogs. Which is how I learned that I like mine Kansas City style, topped with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. (To be correct I should use thousand island dressing instead of mustard, but I still use mustard.)

I had already started eating before I thought to take a picture. Beneath the hot dogs, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese is a split cheese roll. A little pasta salad, a few chips and a glass of raspberry lemonade. Yum.

We didn't try any while there, but a New York dawg is topped with onions sauteed in tomato sauce and spicy brown mustard.
Chicagoan's top theirs with fresh tomato, pickle, hot peppers, sweet onion and green relish.
Detroit comes the closest to my second favorite way to eat hot dogs - Coney Island style with chili, shredded  cheddar cheese and raw onion.
Atlantan's add chili, also, along with spicy mustard - but then they top it with coleslaw. I'll take my slaw on the side, thank you.

Other areas have their own unique ways of eating the All-American Hot Dog, too. No matter how you top them or what brand you swear by, they are still a quick, easy lunch time staple.

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