Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Mother's Pride

A mother doesn't need a reason (talent, intellect, sports ability, generosity, kindness, etc.) to be proud of her children - she just is. Perhaps just because they are hers. 
I have always been proud of my two Leo sons and Gemini daughter.

When my youngest, Preston, moved to his first apartment on his own in Granger, he decided he wanted to volunteer on their fire department and started taking EMT classes which is how he met his future wife, Shalea. It wasn't long after their wedding (shown in this photo with my Mom) that Preston had an occasion to put his training to use.
They came upon what looked like an accident, with a car in the ditch. They quickly realized the driver was having a heart attack. Even though it was his first experience and he was scared, Preston started CPR and kept it up until the ambulance arrived.

 This letter, my copy of which I ran across a few days ago, details the results of my son's actions that day. (Click on letter to enlarge for reading.)
Since their volunteer EMT days, they have raised five children and Shalea went back to school to get her nursing degree. All three girls are either nurses or studying to become nurses. One son is with a division of the state highway patrol and the other also plans a career in law enforcement.

When he was young, I worried about Preston because he was so tender-hearted. He was so empathetic and any sad story read or injustice witnessed, made him sad, too. But I needn't have worried. My little Leo grew up lion-hearted - able to save another even when he was afraid. No wonder I am a proud mom.

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  1. That brought back memories. I had forgotten about that letter. Not sure if I even still have my copy.
    Thank you for sharing that. Means a lot.