Sunday, January 17, 2016

Taking A Sunday Drive #11

The first time we stayed in Idaho was in 2006 during our nearly three-week-tour of the west. After leaving Yellowstone National Park we followed the scenic route south through Jackson eventually crossing into Idaho and stopping at Soda Springs......

.....where we had lunch and toured around the area seeing the Soda Springs Geyser which, when it was drilled into in 1934, flooded the downtown area for weeks until it was successfully capped. It is now controlled by a timer and 'goes off' every hour - just like Old Faithful at Yellowstone.

We visited most of the parks in the area including Hooper Springs where the above picture was taken and where you can sample the clear, sparkling soda water. The water from this spring was marketed nationally in the late 1800's. I filled an empty water bottle. I wasn't overly impressed by the soda water, dumping most of it out after several sips. From Soda Springs we went on to Pocatello for the night then to Oregon the next day.
In the fall of 2014 on a trip to Oregon to see Kari & Ken's new house, we overnighted in Idaho at Jerome. I was so impressed with the Best Western there that I imagined it would be my choice of hotels on any future trips that direction.

However, after seeing my son-in-law's pictures of Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls where they stayed overnight on their way here last July, I know even if we stay in Jerome on our next trip, I am definitely stopping in Twin Falls! (This photo is not Ken's - his was much better.)

When we left Portland with plans to cross Idaho at the upper narrow part on I-90 (a way we had never gone before) Kari told us how pretty Lake Couer d'Alene was early in the morning with the mist rising off it.

So we timed our overnight stay so we would be there to see the lake the next morning. She was right...very pretty. In this photo it almost looks like someone is sending smoke signals.

A short distance on down the road is Old Mission State Park. Cataldo Mission is the oldest standing building in Idaho, built in 1853.

Idaho has so many beautiful natural areas to see. I'm hoping there is another trip or two for us out to see the kids in Oregon. And you just about have to go through Idaho to do that.

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  1. YES, please, come to Oregon again! We need to drive up and take the ferry to Bainbridge Island.