Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CMII - An Eclectic Post

I don't remember what grade I was in when I learned to write in Roman Numerals - probably a grade or two beyond the age when this school picture was taken.
And I probably learned before I was instructed, just by listening in on the upper classes in our one-room country school.
I know I was fascinated that there was another way to write my numbers --
CMII = 902
902 = my 902nd blog post
VI = 6 the sixth day of the year 2016 (MMXVI to you Romans)
CCCLX = 360 the number of days left in this leap year, each one a day of opportunity for.......?

It was on this date in 1974 that daylight savings time began almost four months early due to the oil crisis.

Twenty years later on this date, Tonya Harding arranged to have her figure skating rival, Nancy Kerrigan, whacked in the knee with a police baton - "The Whack Heard Round the World". It was a huge media event at the time, but the reason I am including it in this post is because it has become part of my (almost) daily cry when I'm getting ready to go to the Y - "Why-y-y? Why-y-?" the same lamented cry of Ms. Kerrigan video-taped and heard over and over.

Also on this date, in 1883, the Lebanese-American artist, author and poet Kahlil Gibran was born. I consider his book of prose poetry essays, The Prophet, one of the most beautiful and influential I've ever owned. Gibran died in 1931. As of three years ago, The Prophet had sold more than nine million American edition copies and had been translated into forty different languages. Since its publication in 1923, the book has never been out of print.

CMII (902) is also the area code for Prince Edward Island, Canada, home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the Anne of Green Gables books. How I loved the public television series starring Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst and Richard Farnsworth.

Bridge to Haunted Woods Trail with the House of Green Gables in the background.

"Oh, here we are at the bridge. I'm going to shut my eyes tight. I'm always afraid going over bridges. I can't help imagining that perhaps, just as we get to the middle, they'll crumple up like a jackknife and nip us. So I shut my eyes. But I always have to open them for all when I think we're getting near the middle. Because, you see, if the bridge did crumple up I'd want to see it crumple."  (L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables)

Tomorrow there will be CCCLIX days left in MMXVI, enough that I should easily reach my M blog.

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