Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Weekend of Anniversaries

Today's weather is very much the same as twenty-two years ago today when Shelly Marie Bulmer wed Douglas Sumner Botkin and became my daughter-in-law. (October 9, 1988)

The wedding took place before the covered bridge at Easter Lake in Southeast Des Moines. Shelly's sister, Sally, and her husband, Matt Mergenthaler (sp?) attended the couple. It was a gorgeous autumn day, just as today is.

They probably weren't thinking about it, but I was aware the date was one day before my parent's wedding anniversary date.

Louis Lavern Lynam and Ruth Voneta Ridnour were married at the Methodist Church Parsonage in Bedford, Iowa October 10, 1937. Roy and Evelyn Kapple were my parent's attendants.

I don't know what the weather was like for them, but judging from this picture, it was a nice day.

When my niece Kristi (Betty & Gene's daughter) married Ryan October 11, 2001, I again thought it was a bit ironic that their wedding date was so close to my parent's.

Kristine Lynette Beavers and Ryan (?) Vicker wed in the yard at the home of her dad and step-mother. Again, a lovely fall day.

I'm always looking for hidden meanings in things that are most likely coincidental - like these three wedding anniversaries falling in order. Or that Kristi's birthday is the day after her anniversary and my birthday is the day before my anniversary. Kristi and Ryan have a daughter. Doug and Shelly have a daughter. (Doug has another daughter and two sons.)
Now if I just knew Ryan's middle name.......

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