Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brock, Zach, Katrina & Alyssa's Grandpa Kenny

It seems appropriate today on what would have been Kenny's 68th birthday (October 27, 1942) to give his grandchildren some pictures and words about him.
This first photo was captured in the spring of 1965 as he walked across the front yard at my parent's. Kenny was the youngest of four boys. He and Gary were always working on their old cars. When I began dating him, he was driving a white 1947 Ford and working on his green '49 Mercury. More than one date involved watching them work on their cars.
Kenny also excelled at roller skating and was a very good dancer. He liked rock and roll and country western music. I did not know it until a few years ago, but one of his nicknames was "Be-bop".

Doug was almost two when this snapshot of the three of us was taken in the summer of 1964. Again in the front yard at Mom & Dad's.
I have to admit that it bothered me that I was a little taller than Kenny.
Doug's hair has darkened over the years, but at this time he had his Dad's blond hair as well as other Botkin features.

Christmas, 1964 - Doug, Kenny, Les and Uncle Gene (with back to camera) were playing the "Crazy Clock Game". I imagine it was a new game Leslie had received for xmas. It looks like they were upstairs in the west room; probably too crowded to play a game downstairs. I don't know how the game was played, but they all look pretty intent. It looks like Les is clutching his hands in excitement or concentration.

I tried copying this family photo out of the Adams County History Book. Your Grandpa Kenny is rather blurred in the bottom right. Behind him is his sister Sherry, brother Jim and sister Marjo. Seated on the left in front are his brother Gary and parents Betty and Chuck. His brother Ronnie died New Year's Day, 1961 before this family photo was taken.
Kenneth Douglas Botkin died June 24, 1980 at the age of 37 after open heart surgery. It is too bad he never got to know any of his grandchildren. I'm sure he would have been very proud of them and they would have benefited from knowing him.

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