Friday, August 11, 2017

Satisfying A Sweet Tooth

I have always considered myself lucky that I did not have a 'sweet tooth'. Oh, I don't mean that I didn't like sweets at all, but I didn't crave them - or if I did, a little bite, a small piece, would chase the craving away. I much preferred salty things. But as I've gotten older, that has changed. I find myself wanting something sweet after a meal. Still don't need a lot, just a little something - a cookie or two, a dish of ice cream....
I remember my Grandma Bessie when she was in the nursing home (I know, we don't call them that anymore, but we did then) and how my Mom would take her cookies or candy when she went to visit. Grandma never waited to eat the treat, she dived right in, smacking her lips and m-m-m-ming.

When I woke up this morning - too early, as I often do - but even earlier than usual - I started thinking about my old home town's bakery; how a cousin/classmate once owned it and a different family branch cousin/classmate of my younger brother now does. How once it was a block south of its current location, but I can not for the life of me remember where. I didn't even remember that until my friend Ellen and I were trying to locate all the Main Street businesses from our younger days. Then I thought, "I should blog about the bakery someday. But not today. I already have a post planned for today."

I finally decided I wasn't going back to sleep. Got up. Started the coffee - programmed to start at 5:45 a.m., but by-passed when I get up earlier. Booted the computer and started reading the news. I always wonder, before the home page comes up if I'm going to read "North Korea has bombed Guam" or, more locally, if I know anyone on the KMA obits page. It was awhile before I clicked on Facebook and read that today is the 44th anniversary of the current home town bakery owners. Well that is a sign. I am supposed to blog about Sweet Desires today.

Sweet Desires is the name my cousin (daughter of Mom's first cousin Jim) gave the name of the bakery when she and her husband purchased it in 2002. It seems to me it had languished on the "For Sale" list for quite awhile. I was a bit surprised when Jo and Rick bought it. The former owner hadn't done too well running it and I was afraid for my cousin - afraid she would lose her investment. I needn't have worried, fifteen years later and she is still going strong.

Everything she makes is good, but cakes are her specialty. She made these two for my brother Ron's 70th birthday a 'few' years ago. The sheet cake has the names of the other five family members also celebrating birthdays that month.

From her business Facebook page, a few examples of her abilities.

There are many wedding cake photos, but I was drawn to the composition of this one.

This one would have been perfect for one of the grandsons when he was younger - or even now for his boys?

"Having a ball since 1967" - a ball canning jar. Would like to know who this one was for. So unusual. I doubt if there's any idea Jo couldn't figure out how to make a cake for.

I don't stop in at Sweet Desires very often, but when I do it is always a treat - not only the ones I buy, but seeing Jo and her mom, Joan. The last time I was there Jo came out to the counter to talk to me. There was something about the way she looked that made me realize how much she resembled her Grandma Haley, my grandfather's sister, Florence. It was more remarkable in person than in this photo.

Just writing about the bakery has awakened my sweet tooth. I know where I'm going to stop the next time I'm in the old home town.

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