Saturday, August 12, 2017

Polishing The Past

Today is the 8th anniversary of my blog. In a comment on the 7th blog I posted - the one about 'The Little House', Kari commented: "It is a gift, really, this tendency of memory to polish the past until only the brightest, happiest moments shine out."

I began my blog as a means of sharing - preserving, some of my memories and pictures for my children, grandchildren and, now, great-grandchildren. Have I polished only the brightest, happiest moments? I've certainly shared more memories about the good times than the bad, but I think I've been candid about the low spots in my life, too.

This is my 1,171st post. When I reached 1000 I thought about quitting, and now, after eight years, I'm again thinking of quitting. I've also thought of making my blog 'private' and allowing only those I want to share it with. There are eight of my 25 followers I have no idea who they are. It also seems like I have shared all the old memories and have even begun repeating some of them.

But for the last six weeks, instead of sharing anything on Facebook, I've been posting here every day. It has become a habit again and one that keeps me engaged, thinking, getting out, taking photos.

So, whether I polish those past memories a few more times, post umpteen pond pictures or other's poetry, as well as a few of my own poetic attempts, I'll continue on blogging a while longer. But, fair warning, watch out for cloud photos. I find myself being drawn to the sky.

Eight years blogging, eight cloud pictures. The above is "Eye in the Sky"..

Last one - for now. I took this as we were going down the highway last November headed to Des Moines for the 'Reveal Party' where we found out we were having our second great-granddaughter. (Brynley)

I call this 'Alien Sky'. It looked as though a hole was forming in the clouds, one through which, any moment, something alien might appear.

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