Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rabbit, Rabbit August Already!

A month ago I was saying July Already, Really? Now it is August and I remembered to say rabbit, rabbit first thing this morning so it will be a lucky month.

And by lucky I mean we will get some rain. It is so dry the rabbit doesn't need camouflage.

He, or she, blends right into the dry grass.

Or into the shade offered by a small conifer. Rabbit, rabbit.

Remember the Gaillardia I wrote about June 20? The plants I liberated from down the street? They survived. I kept them faithfully watered and was rewarded this morning by this - which is also my first picture in August.
But before we venture too far into the month - a few wrap-up photos and words for July.....

This girl......Miss Lily.....is someday going to rule the world, or at least a major portion of it. She is so smart, funny, unafraid, aka - fearless. Just after I took this picture I made some comment about her taking off her sunglasses so I could take a picture without them and we could see her pretty blue eyes. She said: "You get what you get and don't throw a fit!" Oh my, I hope her kindergarten teacher is ready for her.

When we started into the house Bud looked up the road and said, "What's that? Something crossing the road?" This was about half a mile away and appeared as a dark spot. I have learned, since taking close-ups of the moon, that I can use the zoom on my camera to bring an object close enough to tell what it is. In this case, a flock of birds - probably eating grain spilled on the roadway.

Sometimes I just look at the image and other times I go ahead and take the picture because I can blow it up even more. It works better than binoculars for me. When I first saw this brown blob on the other side of the pond dam, I was afraid something had killed one of the geese. I was relieved to see it was just some dead weeds.

And my post about the volunteer plants coming up in the flower pots when I said I bet the zinnia in the hen and chicks would be pink? Um-hum. I was right.

For the whole month of July, I hadn't seen any birds at the feeders or on the deck. Yesterday these two showed up on the finch feeder and two doves flew down to the deck. Have they just been busy raising their young ones?

No birds includes no Hummingbirds. But this Swallowtail Butterfly has been enjoying the Mother's Day flowers Doug brought me.

Now, back to August, a month with several birthdays, the State Fair, the start of school and rain, please.

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