Friday, August 4, 2017

Owl Awareness

Until hearing it on the noon news, I was unaware that there was an International Owl Awareness Day. Even Googling it I can't see enough information about it to understand its purpose.

The time I am most aware of owls is during the winter months when they seem to be much closer to the house and I hear them hooting late at night or early in the morning. For instance, the above picture was taken early in the morning on January 7, 2013.

Oh, yeah, I was very aware of this young Great Horned Owlet on the deck two years ago. But it was because the Blue jays were making such a fuss about it. Otherwise I probably would not have even known it was out there.

And I cannot think about owls without remembering this picture of my mom, Ruth, on the left and her sister, Lois with their dogs, Poochie and Trix and the owl they shot.

Woodsy Owl was one who had a big impact on caring for the environment when he was introduced in the early 1970's. His anti-litter and anti-pollution warnings caught on not only with children, but adults, too.

So, even though I don't understand exactly what it is or how I am supposed to be aware on International Owl Awareness Day,

I can turn to Owl from Winnie The Poo and listen to his advice: "This situation calls for an expert."

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