Saturday, June 24, 2017

The View From Lynam Hill

Not that anyone calls it that anymore, but when my Great-great grandfather William settled north of Brooks, the steep hill was known as Lynam Hill.

At the bottom a flat old dirt road runs west and crosses Walter's Creek via a very scary bridge. (No guard rails on either end.)

Looking down over the edge you can see by the way the weeds along the bank are flattened that there has been some recent high water going downstream.

A good looking field of corn grows right up to the river's edge.

The blooms on the Chicory are vying with the June sky for title honor of "brightest blue".

And look what else was blooming - ditch daisies! Just what I've been looking for and this time I had my shovel with me!

They're home and planted. If they grow as I hope they do, I will think of them as being from Lynam Hill - well, nearby anyway.

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