Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Adams County Underground Railroad

Twenty + years ago, when I moved home *again*, I joined committees to become more involved and hopefully contribute something to my native area. One project was documenting historical aspects of the county. It was a good fit for me because history has always been one of my favorite subjects/pastimes/avocations.
Old buildings was one subject. I know we were trying to find proof to back up the stories about the old stage stop Northeast of Nodaway once being a part of the underground railroad.
And a study/history of how the coming of the railroad through the county affected settlement and growth was another. I remember the man from Des Moines who was collecting and collating the data remarking how the trains were almost hidden because the lines followed the river valley through the county.
His comment was that the railroad was figuratively underground in Adams County.

I was reminded of this today as a train went through and this tiny flash of orange was all that was visible - the underground railroad.

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