Monday, June 19, 2017

Newbies At The Pond

Yesterday afternoon I was so surprised to look out the window and see this family - another pair of Canadian Geese with two goslings. They hadn't been there the day before, nor the week before, nor the month before.

Here are the babies we've been watching the past six weeks, almost grown and ready to fly away.

Just like last year, the 'resident' family has been joined well into the season by another family. Where does the second family come from? The pond up on the hill above this one?

I watched the new ones this morning. Mom and little ones were eating as Dad kept watch. Then Mom's head came up, too. Suddenly they were all on alert.

I never saw what they saw, or heard, but they went quickly onto the water and swam away. Something spooked them.

Also new this morning, this Asiatic Lily, one of several that came with the house. The Heuchera growing along with it is Mom's Coral Bells I moved here with us.

There is always something new going on in Mother Nature's world. I never tire of discovering "What is it today?"

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