Monday, June 26, 2017

It's A Jungle Out There

The North side of our house gets little attention. "Our" part of the space on that side is only a foot or so from the foundation but early on we started caring for it because it was too narrow for the park's lawnmowers to mow. So we mowed it. The first year here, in addition to the ferns and snow-on-the-mountain I had moved from the farm, I planted some impatiens.
There were three hosta plants already growing. I did not like the one with giant leaves. My niece said she would take it so I dug it out.

When the peonies, roses and clematis all bloom at the same time, it is lovely. Technically none of these plants are ours. The rose and peony were here and the neighbor next door planted the clematis on the trellis over their sidewalk. Which is another reason I rarely go on that side of the house - I feel as though I'm trespassing because I have to walk down 'their' sidewalk.

In addition to the three snow-on-the- mountain plants* and the three ferns** I also brought some columbine*** and lily of the valley****. This is how the north side looks today. The plants have grown out nearly to the sidewalk. It almost does look like a jungle out there.

*Starts brought to Iowa from St. Paul when my daughter lived there.
**Starts from the home of a dear lady in the old farm neighborhood.
***Starts from my sister-in-law, Ruthie and niece, Kristi.
****Starts from both my Grandmothers.

(It has long been a tradition to move starts of plants from one home to another - especially when they were originally starts from loved ones.)

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