Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kohlrabi - Fun to Say; Good to Eat

I don't remember when Mom first grew kohlrabi in her garden - it was after I left home - probably in the early to mid 60's. I know I had never heard of it nor eaten it before she started growing it.

It has such a fun name which comes from the German word for cabbage, kohl, and turnip, rabi. I know when I first heard of it I thought it was rather exotic and it seems I remember my kids liking and trying to say call a rab be.

Two bunches of kohlrabi were all I got at the local farmer's market yesterday. In past years they sold for $1.00 each. This year they were $1.50 a bunch which was three = 50 cents each.
I took the above picture before I peeled the last one because I think it is interesting the way the stems and leaves grow. (Organically grown by my favorite vendor, Bridgewater Farm.)

There are recipes for cooked kohlrabi, but I have never had it cooked, only raw. I'm not even interested in trying it cooked because it is just so very good peeled and eaten with a dash of salt. In fact I ate two yesterday as soon as I brought them home.

Just as kohlrabi reminds me of my mom growing them, I also associate them with my sister, Betty. She loved eating raw kohlrabi from mom's garden.

She was probably the one who got me to try them.

Addendum: Forgot to add: they're also good for you.

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