Saturday, June 3, 2017

Before We're "Knee Deep In June"

The sunrise on June 1 was lovely, but just a bit more about May before we move on.

The leaves were still new on the trees when these two came to the salt block on May 2.

We had many Catbirds on the farm, but this was the first time I had seen one here.

Mother's Day tradition - son Douglas always brings me a beautiful hanging plant. Not the best picture of us, but for some reason Bud's favorite.

Speaking of Hubby Dearest, this may look like an alien, but it is HD discovering virtual reality.

We made the rounds of cemeteries Memorial weekend and found another pine tree blown over at Oakland (Quincy). (This picture is of the one last year.) We couldn't tell if any stones were damaged beneath the limbs.

I have taken close-ups of the Full Moon before, but had never tried it with a New Moon. This was early morning before it set.

And here it is peaking through the tree the night before.

Memorial Day picnic at my granddaughter's and a photo with my two great-granddaughters. (Six great-grandsons, but only the two girls.) Lily will be five this month and Brynley will be three months.

On the way home, passing by our old homestead - the place we lived when my children were little. There is nothing left and the earth is being worked. I suppose it will be a new housing development the next time I go by.

Sunset on Memorial Day. I'm certain June will pass just as fast as May and soon we will be "knee deep in June".

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