Friday, April 15, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World

It's 10:00 a.m. and we are DONE! Well, done cleaning and raking around the house. Next will be buying a few annuals and setting them out and in pots. The table and chairs are back on the deck after spending the winter underneath it. Which means they need a good cleaning.....maybe this afternoon. It bothers me some that I used to be able to do all this myself. Now, it feels kinda good to have hubby dearest helping me. The hard part is done and I'm looking forward to the fun stuff.

Some bird pictures from yesterday - all taken through the window. House finch and goldfinch on thistle feeder.

A couple blackbirds fighting over some corn. What is it about their beady little eyes?

 Goldfinches patiently waiting for those pesky blackbirds to leave.

The cute, little chipping sparrows are back - the only sparrows I can say I *like*.

One of my beloved ringneck doves. They were both out there, but not close enough together to get in the same picture. I love the sunlight and shadows in this shot.

This is a picture I took two nights ago after the sun set. I liked the reflection of the trees and the pink contrail in the pond as well as the ripple effect.

The willows are greening, the wild plums are in blossom and the sun is creating a rainbow with the fountain.

All is right in our little corner of the world.

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