Monday, April 25, 2016

One Photo and A Few Words

You know that saying about teaching and old dog new tricks? It applies to old women, too.

Yesterday we installed my new computer. My old one was still working, it was just no longer being 'supported' or receiving 'updates'. In other words, I was practically forced to buy a new one.

I know all the studies show that the best way to keep one's mind working as one grows old(er) is to continue learning new things.

Let's just say my poor old brain is getting a work out and probably will be for some time. With hubby dearest's help we managed to download the picture I took early this a.m. of my first Iris bloom. I was able to put it on Facebook and now I've been able to get it here on this blog post.

With any luck, some help and a lot of frustration, I'll be able to blog with some degree of ability in a few days! 

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