Monday, April 4, 2016

Finally, I Met My New Physician

I haven't had a doctor that I felt like actually listened to me in six years - not since Dr. Artherholt. I've tried two different primary care women, one a PA-C and the other an MD, since moving here. I wasn't happy with either one.
When I learned late last summer that the most recent one I had been a patient of was leaving town, it gave me the opportunity of trying to find a doctor I liked. The physician who cared for me when I had my stroke and was in the hospital was great. Unfortunately he wasn't accepting any new patients.
In December I tried to make an appointment with a new female MD who had just joined the medical clinics here. I was told she would review my chart and then call me for an appointment. When I didn't hear anything for a couple months, I called again. "You're still on the list. As soon as she reviews your records, we'll call you to make an appointment. But if you need to see a doctor, we'll get you right in," I was told.
At that time all was okay, but I needed to get in by April because my prescriptions would need to be renewed. Plus I needed a routine check up - I hadn't seen a physician since a year ago last November except for a consult about knee surgery.
As you know, I have been fighting allergies this spring. I thought they were clearing up until last Friday.
Each night I went to bed hoping I'd be better in the morning.

This is how I looked this morning after I had been up for awhile and gotten my eyes opened a little bit. They were swollen almost shut when I first got up.
I couldn't put it off any longer. I called the clinic, explained that I really needed to see the doctor, and was given an appointment for the next hour.

In addition to this spring's allergies, I've been fighting that old problem of a rash on my legs since last fall. It hadn't bothered me since Dr. Artherholt got it under control in 2007.

Bud has been suggesting I go to the doctor for some time. This morning I was miserable enough to agree to it.

I had heard good things about this new doctor and had high hopes I would feel like she was someone I could get along with. I'm very happy to say, "I like her". Bud went with me this morning and he agrees, she does seem knowledgeable, personable and professional. Best of all, she listens. I really think I am going to like having her as my doctor.

This is a little interview the local paper did with her. Meet my new primary physician:

Note she says her favorite ages to treat are little kiddos and elderly folks. Yay! I fall into one of those categories! I go back next week to see how the new meds she prescribed are working and discuss other concerns. At least I'm not dreading going to the doctor like I used to.


  1. Yeah, I'd love to find a doctor I like again. I found one highly recommended by friends, but they don't take Humana. Guess who is changing Medicare plans next year.

    1. Donna - I hope you find a doctor you like. The only thing worse than needing to go to the doctor is having one you aren't comfortable with!

  2. Oh, sweetie, that picture is scary! Goodness, I hope your nice new doc gets it under control FAST.

    1. Better each day. I have hopes of going out and running errands tomorrow now that I'm looking a little less scary.