Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Metaphors and Similes

Full Title: Metaphors and Similes Or Why My Husband Is More Of A Poet Than I

Early this morning I looked out westerly/northwesterly and noticed a thin line of dark blue clouds.
A little later Bud came in, looked out and said, "Oh, my gosh, those dark clouds look like a lake out there. Did you see that?"
Yes, I saw the clouds. No, I didn't see a lake. I really had to adjust my way of seeing/thinking before I could see it. (I could never see the images hidden in those 3-D stereograms, either. Bud could see them immediately.) If I could see like Bud, I think I'd have a better chance of writing poetry.

Monday when he took the picture for the previous blog, he said I looked like I had raccoon eyes. See? He talks in similes.
But, on that subject, my eyes are slowly improving and I feel much better than I did, so the new meds must be working. I want to be able to go outside again.

To enjoy the spring weather (though it isn't so spring-like today) and to clean off the flower beds.

And discover what may be trying to come up underneath all that litter. At least the daffies were able to get through and bloom.

If I pay more attention to the different ways of looking at things and brush up on metaphors and similes, maybe I can come up with a poem before the end of the 20th anniversary of this National Poetry Month.

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