Thursday, February 2, 2017

Can You Help Analyze This One?

I so rarely remember my dreams anymore. I blame it on being old - short term memory problems, you know. A few nights ago, in the midst of a nightmare, I was shouting. It woke Bud and he woke me, thank goodness. But all I could remember was it was a bad dream, not a thing about the dream itself.

Last night's dream was a variation on my stolen purse dreams - I had entered a building and put my purse down when someone called me into another room. After being there a few minutes I realized how dumb it was to leave my purse in a public place and went back for it.

I could see that the small coin purse where I keep my money and credit cards had been taken out and then dropped halfway back into my handbag. Immediately upon looking, I knew that a twenty dollar bill was missing.

Looking around I noticed a woman hurriedly scooting down a hallway. I went after her, stopping her progress at the same time I noted both her legs were missing. She was shabbily dressed and I assumed she was homeless. I confronted her about stealing my money. She denied it, but I thought she looked guilty. After browbeating her for several minutes, I forcibly searched her pockets and found a twenty dollar bill.

"This is my money!" I yelled. "It is folded exactly the way I fold my bills when I put them in my purse." She denied it at first but then broke down and admitted she took it.

At that point, I helped her back to her wheel chair at the end of the hallway and tucked the twenty back into her pocket, telling her I knew she needed it more than I. It seemed I only wanted her to admit the wrongdoing, not that I wanted the money back. Only later did it occur to me to see if any of my credit cards were missing but the dream ended before I found out.

I haven't a clue what this dream was about or why I would remember it when I never remember others.  Any ideas???

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