Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Book Report

Trying to decide how I was going to report the books I read each month in 2017 and deciding the post titles would be the month + Book Report, made me think of grade school - our one-room country school, Jasper #2.

We did have to do actual written book reports, at least in the upper grades, but I also remember a poster sized chart where we kept track of all the books we read.
It looked something like this:
Each student's name would go down the left side from lowest to highest grades. We had different colored, gummed stickers on which to write the name of the book and paste in the little rectangles to the right of our name. I believe there was room for twenty books. I don't remember what the different colors signified except perhaps the level of reading difficulty. Pink for an easy book, blue for one more advanced, green even harder and gold for very hard? All I remember for certain was that I always had all the spaces filled (and could never understand why some students only had a few) and my colors represented more harder books than easy ones. Oh, yeah, and that those labels were so tiny it was hard to write the book titles on them!

So here is how I've decided to keep track of my book reads this year: Instead of rating them and writing a little something about each book, I'm just going to list the titles and authors - much like I did in grade school. I might mention which book(s) I liked the most - maybe even the ones least liked - perhaps if an author is new to me or an old favorite.
Here is my January, 2017 book report in the order read:
Saturday - Ian McEwan
The German Girl - Armando Lucas Correa - A new author and an interesting story about Jews trying to escape Germany at start of WWII, and being turned back even when they had papers of acceptance from the country they were going to. Too much like what happened here in the USA this past weekend!
Summer At Willow Lake - Susan Wiggs
The King of Lies - John Hart - A favorite author, the first of his five novels.
The Paris Wife - Paula McLain - About Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley, when they lived in Paris.
Marrying Daisy Bellamy - Susan Wiggs
Whisper of Evil - Kay Hooper - New author for me.
The Sleepwalker - Chris Bohjalian - Absolutely one of my favorite authors - his latest book.
The Guests On South Battery - Karen White - 5th book of her Tradd Street Series set in Charleston, SC - you know, where I walked on South Battery!
Water Like A Stone - Deborah Crombie - Also a new to me author and one I will continue to read. I like her mysteries set in England.
The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult

Eleven books read this month - January and I'm already more than halfway across that grade school reading chart!

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