Friday, January 27, 2017

Grandparents Are.....

My sweet granddaughter Katrina shared the above to Facebook a few days with the notation: "This made me think of you this morning Grandma, I love you!" Aww, what a way to start my day.

As I read through each letter of the alphabet, I could only agree - especially:
'L'ove to take pictures. It was said that my grandchildren only recognized me as the person behind the camera.

'A're family historians. With almost every one of the grandchildren I received a call: "Grandma, I have to do a family tree for school, can you help me?" "How far back through the generations do you want me to go?"

'B'elieve in having fun. So many, many times I've said how glad I am I had my own children while young therefore still being young enough to play with the grandchildren (the first grandchild was born when I was 37.) That holds true now as my great-grandchildren come along. I may not still be able to actually play, but I'm happy to see them and hold them.

'I'nspire wonder and mystery. By sharing my love of nature, including all the times hunting for rocks, I hope they have also learned to enjoy the best things in life which are free.

Because I always worked outside the home and wasn't the traditional 'wearing apron, baking cookies' kind of grandma, I felt I had short-changed my grandkids. It is nice to know they don't feel that way about me because I have always, always
'J'ust want what's best for you. And...
'U'nconditionally love you!

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