Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Frosty Morn on the Farm

Fifteen years ago - a picturesque, frosty morning at Orchard Prairie.

Ornamental Fountain Grass

Frosted Weeds

"The friends are all departed,
The hearthstone's black and cold,
And sturdy grows the nettle
On the place beloved of old."
   ("Nettles", Neil Munro)

Other Place framed by Red Cedars


Ruthie's Stove
My sister-in-law, Ruth, and I loved garage sales and auctions. We had been to an auction together where Ruthie bought this old cast iron parlor store for a pittance. We got it back to Mom's and unloaded it behind the chicken house until such time it could be transported to their home near Stanton. I think she planned to make it into some type of flower planter. It was still behind the chicken house when we had the farm sale at Mom's - years after both Mom and Ruthie had left us.

Honeyvine Milkweed on Chicken Pen

'Last Year's' Robin Nest
A frosty winter morning, the quiet, the solitude, was always an invitation to see the everyday in a new way. With the camera as my companion, we recorded some scenes around the farm in 2002.


  1. Oh how I miss the farm. We would love to move to the country to a little acreage and make our own "farm" memories.

    1. P - I think that is a wonderful goal. I know your grandchildren would love it and have good memories..and you would enjoy the peace and quiet of country living. <3