Friday, February 24, 2017

A February Day in Maryville

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy the internet and the ease of being in 'instant' contact with friends and family. For me, being on Facebook has added even more to my life - seeing pictures not only of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but also those of cousin's - sometimes distant, not only in miles but lineage, cousins.
And, as unlikely as it may have once seemed, it has put sisters-in-law from first marriages more than fifty years ago in my 'friends' list. A couple of years ago one of those sisters-in-law asked for my snail mail address saying she was going to sort through her photos when she retired and had some she wanted to send me.
They arrived this week. There weren't as many as I had thought she might have, but I'm grateful for them. Most are of one Sunday in February in 1966.
The weather was similar to what it has been here the last few days - very mild. The occasion was one last family dinner before she and my brother moved to Colorado. They were living in Maryville, Missouri at the time.

Almost every farm home had a cave for food storage and storm shelter. Their's made a good perch for picture taking. Our son, Douglas, would have been three and a half as he posed with his father Kenny and me. What strikes me is how dressed up I was - a good dress, hose and heels - times have changed.

Same pose for my sister Betty, her husband Gene and their son, Mike, who had just turned two that month.

Betty, Mike, Doug and me in a less formal pose.

And another of Douglas, Michael and Betty.

These four are the only ones she sent that relate to that day. I have others, some in color, that were taken by my parents that day and include everyone in various groupings.

But I am glad to see these black and white ones as well as being grateful for my Facebook friendships.

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