Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thinking About Greeks

Almost straight south of us, nearly to the Missouri border, there is a little town (population 25 in 2010) named Delphos. (In mythology, the son of Apollo. Delphi was named for him.) I drove through there yesterday and the friend with me commented that the town name was similar to my grandmother's name.

So, today, I am thinking about Grandma Delphia, her brother, Orphas, and sister, Drothel.

Left to right: Lloyd Perryman, Orphas Means, Drothel Perryman, Joe Ridnour, George Means, Delphia Ridnour, Matilda Means, Howard Roberts, Evelyn Roberts (holding Glen Roberts), Lois Mitchell (holding Larry Roberts) and Ruth Lynam.

If you look up the name Drothel in the names lists, nothing comes up for a first name and only a few mentions of Drothel as a last name. What does come up is information on Grandma's sister, Drothel Velma* Means Perryman. How, where, why did my great-grandparents, George and Matilda, name their daughter Drothel?

And why did their son and another daughter have names that relate directly to the Greeks? Orph(e)us was a musician, poet and prophet in ancient Greek mythology. Delphia means woman from Delphi.

Delphi, now a World Heritage Site, was the ancient seat of the Oracle. It was considered the center of the world by the Greeks.

Granddaughter, Alyssa, visited Delphi during her trip to Greece five years ago. Did she feel a strong connection? An extra sense of déjà vu? Was there more to the naming of my grandmother and great uncle than we knew?

*Velma is also a Greek name.

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