Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cruizin' On A Sunny Afternoon

Earlier this week, when I saw that the second annual Cruizin' Clarinda was going to be taking place this afternoon, I saw an opportunity to combine three things into one trip. All I had to do was suggest to Bud that we hadn't been to a car show in quite awhile - two years? or more?

First stop was at Oakland (Quincy) Cemetery to pick up grave decorations. Sometime during the past week, this large old cedar tree came down. (We did have some strong winds Thursday night. Perhaps then?) Fortunately it seems to have missed hitting any grave markers. This is in the Northeast corner of the cemetery on the south side of the road; East of my grandparents' and aunts' graves.

Next a stop at the Corning Library to return two very good books then to Prairie Rose and Maple Grove (Guss) Cemeteries to retrieve decorations before driving on to Clarinda and lunch at the Ice House in its new location. This is the first time we've been there since they moved into their new building. (We noted many changes in that area.) Bud had his favorite Philly Cheesesteak with really good french fries while I had the daily special, southwest steak salad - like a southwest chicken salad except with steak. Oh my gawd. You should have seen the serving size - enough for two people. So, of course, I asked for a box. The steak was so good. Yum!

With full tummies we headed downtown to the square to sate our appetites for old cars. This was my first - a gorgeous old '53 Chevy Bel Air. Definitely my color for a car and you can see what a pretty day it was. Blue skies, white clouds and the rebuilt Page County Courthouse after the 1991 fire. Private donations contributed to the rebuilding of the clock tower.

I'm kind'a partial to Fords. Falcons weren't too popular in my day, but I would certainly take this sweet convertible. As well as that dark green 1940? coupe.

A Nash Rambler station wagon was another car that got no respect. I'm sure this color was not available in 1962 but so pretty now. (I have to guess on the year of these cars because unlike most car shows we've been to, the information about them was not posted on the vehicles.)

Bud with a '56 Ford just like one he used to have - only a slightly different color of green. Oh, the memories.

A 50's green Oldsmobile accessorized with a window tray from the local drive-in eatery and a really nice '54 Chevy Deluxe Panel.

Even a Rolls Royce.
With Coachwork by Barker, South Audley Street, London, England.

The grille of this Hudson Terraplane caught my eye. I believe these were only manufactured during the 30's.

Clarinda was one of the big shopping trips so memorable from my youth.

Today as I looked around the square, I could hardly name any of the stores from the 50's and 60's, but I could not resist taking a picture of some of the ones on the south side. C.W. Foster on the grey, Dunlap on the red, intricate work on them all.

I suggested we stop in Bedford for ice cream on the way home. There is the best little shop there on old Highway 2. Seems like it has been there forever.

Well, it has been almost forever....there was such a crowd of people, several bounce houses and a DJ on the roof. What was going on? Their 65th Anniversary Celebration! Frosty Trete since 1951! These young women in their Frosty Trete shirts were posing for someone else but I snapped them, too.

It really was a gorgeous day, perfect for a little road trip which turned into a trip down some memory lanes. One final picture:

On the grave at Quincy, of my Dad's baby sister, Evelyn Lois Lynam, May 8-12, 1923, is a white peony bush. It has been there as long as I can remember.
There is just a hint of red on the petals in the heart of the blooms.
The fragrance is ..... heavenly.

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