Friday, June 24, 2016

Finishing That Rowan Walking Stick

It has been almost four years since I cut that Mountain Ash limb in order to make that elusive Rowan walking stick I had long wanted. (You can read about it here.) It was certainly time I got it made! Maybe it is because I've been thinking about getting and using a cane that finally motivated me.

I started by stripping the bark yesterday morning. Before I could decide what knife to use, I picked up my trusty Old Hickory butcher knife that I use more as a gardening tool than anything else. (I keep it handy just inside the door to the garage.) My thinking was that I would try it and if it was too big then I would find something smaller. It worked great.

Most of the bark removed.

In the process of sanding it down. I don't know what caused these circles to form, but I knew I wanted to preserve them, so not too much sanding in this area.

This morning I oiled the stick and added a strap and other embellishments.

Another view. I mentioned in that October 12, 2012 blog post that this would most likely be the last walking stick I ever make and as long as it took me to finally make it, I'm sure that will be the case!

The hiking medallion is from Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, CO, a very meaningful hike for me.

I have another hiking staff medallion purchased at Multnomah Falls several years ago. The package it came in says it is a "Collector's Edition" made by L. W. Bristol Classics, Bristol, TN. (The price was $3.99.)
I haven't decided whether to put it on my Rowan stick - would two on the same stick look okay? Or maybe I will save it just in case I do decide to make another walking stick someday now that I'm in the mood again. Hmm, there's a willow tree down by the pond with some dead branches in it.....


Using my new walking stick on the new walking trail at Green Valley Lake State Park yesterday. (Sunday, June 26, 2016)


  1. I know the one that you made me is one thing that you gave me that I cherish the most.
    Thank you for making it for me

  2. I have to admit I don't remember making one for you - maybe if I saw it again? Anyway, I'm happy it is something you cherish.