Monday, December 14, 2015

"It's Not About The Money"

Warning - this post is a rant: 

I pay $10.00 a year to be "A friend of the library". Two of the benefits of being a friend are I get to keep books I check out for three weeks instead of just two weeks. And, if I'm late taking books back there is a three day grace period before I have to pay a fine. The fine is ten cents per day per book.

Today I took books back. Two of the books were due on the 8th. I was charged a fine of $1.00. (Two books x 5 days, x 10 cents per book per day.) I asked if there had been a change in the 3-day grace period for friends of the library. No. Well then technically my books were due on the 11th. This is the 14th. I owe 40 cents, not $1.00.
"Well, did you renew your membership in August?" "Yes, I did." By now one of the librarians was trying to look up when the books were due. But the new head librarian had the system changed when he took over and the new system no longer shows that data. "I have my check out slip at home, I can bring it in and show you. They were due on the 8th."
Three librarians did much hemming and hawing and head scratching. (Also looking at one another and stalling.) Other patrons were waiting to check out. Finally I said I would pay the $1.00 then bring my slip in to show them.

This is where I say: "It's not about the money, it's about the principle." I honestly don't care about the money. I DO CARE that if you are enticing people to buy a friends of the library membership, you should honor the stipulations of that agreement.

What I hate is being viewed as a trouble maker or complainer or 'nutty old lady'. I'm not. I just want people to accept responsibility and live up to their own rules.

As long as I'm already on a tear - I was overcharged at Hy-Vee the other day. I have my slip in my purse ready to take back next time I'm in there and get my 79 cents back. Again, it's the principle. They used to have a policy of giving you the item free if the price that rang up didn't agree with the shelf price. I wonder if they still do that?

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