Monday, December 7, 2015

Comfort and Joy Quilt Show

After the craft show and lunch Saturday, Ellen and I attended the 13th Annual Comfort and Joy Quilt Show in Creston presented by the Patches and Pieces Quilt Guild. There were so many gorgeous quilts. I took this photo of Ellen standing next to her favorite.
Admission was $2.00, which benefited the Cancer Center at Greater Regional Medical Center, or two non-perishable food items which benefited the Rural Iowa Crisis Center.

We were asked to vote on our favorite small and favorite large quilts. This was my favorite small quilt done by Ellen's cousin Ann. She graciously posed for me with her quilt. I liked the colors and design of this piece, but wonder if I also liked it best because that bottom design looks like it could be an R?

My vote for favorite large quilt went to this one by Judi Perrin. Think I might have been influenced by our trip to NYC this fall? So much work and creativity goes into making a quilt. I admire all the quilters out there. It's not something I could ever do.

If I kept my notes straight, this quilt was done by Cindy Drake, a cousin by marriage.

And this blue one in a pattern called Shoo Fly was made by the step-aunt of my son Doug - Janice Eberly.

Some others I admired:

A Halloween themed one with a witch, her cat, a ghost and some skeletons under a banner proclaiming, "Dance by the Light of the Moon".

I also liked the colors in this little quilted mat. The description says it is a pattern called 'Harvest', but it could be Halloween. You can see the border of the quilt hanging below it which says 'Trick or Treat'.

This quilt was called 'Romancing the Blues'. I took a picture of it more for the pattern and for the interesting design of the quilting which shows in the off-white centers of the blues.

I didn't write down any information about this quilt, but doesn't it just grab you? The more I look at it, the more it speaks to me. It came very close to getting my vote for favorite large quilt.

A quilt like my grandmothers and aunts would have pieced - the Old Time Flower Garden.

A cute seasonal ABC quilt for a child's bed.

Again I didn't write anything down about this quilt. I believe I liked it and took the photo because it reminded me of the quilt I have that was pieced by Grandma Lynam and quilted for me by Aunt Evelyn.

Warning: staring at this quilt might make you dizzy. This might have been the most intriguing quilt. It is called a 'Mystery Quilt' and each step provides a different clue. No, I don't know the answer(s) to the mystery!

Definitely a close runner-up for my small quilt winner. Love all the cardinals and the unusual border design.

The final one I took a photo of is probably 30 to 40 years old - made back when cross-stitching was all the craze. It is a very pretty quilt. The owner says she purchased it at a garage sale last year for two dollars! What a deal!

Ellen and I did enjoy our day out and we had a good laugh as we were leaving the quilt show. Visiting with a couple of the Guild ladies, somehow the subject of the fear of crossing bridges came up. She said her daughter drove a charter tour bus for a few years and one day as they were crossing a long bridge one of the passengers asked her if it didn't bother her. She replied, "Oh, no. I just close my eyes."

♪ Oh, tidings of comfort and joy....♪

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