Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Festivus Celebration

December 23 - the day of a "Festivus for the rest of us" and because as a family we now celebrate Christmas in July, today's small, impromptu luncheon was perfect.

We did not have the traditional Festivus "airing of grievances" but we did have much laughter and teasing when the two youngest grandchildren began telling on one another.

Gifts were not to be exchanged, but daughter-in-law Shalea brought us some homemade goodies as well as this Star Wars helmet containing a Star Wars t-shirt for Bud.....

.....and these Bath and Body Works products and a very pretty Swarovski Elements bookmark for me.

Not sure what Devin was doing here, trying to read his Mom's tea leaves?

What are the crossed arms poses of Grandpa and Grandson telling us? One body language site says crossed arms can indicate the person is feeling comfortable and relaxed. These two had been having some really good 'guy' conversations, so yeah, comfortable and relaxed.

 No question that Dominique loves her Grandpa Bud. These two share a love of running. Bud is proud that Dominique is in her freshman year of running for Cornell College and Dominique is proud of her Grandpa for running seven miles on his 70th birthday last month.

Shalea with her two youngest. Devin is a senior in high school, 18 years old next week and will be the last to 'leave the nest'.
It is always fun when the family gets together, but Bud and I both agreed that having just the three here was very nice. We were able to visit more with each one - something you can't do when there is a crowd.

We will be having a quiet Christmas Day, but perhaps see all the family over New Years. In the meantime, today's non- commercial Festivus celebration, lacking in any family tensions*, was perfect.

(*Unless you count Dominique's telling some of Devin's secrets.)

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