Saturday, December 19, 2015

Irish Twins Update

When I first posted about Irish twins (Feb. 20, 2014), I wrote: "So now that I understand what Irish twins are, I'll be aware if there are anymore in our family."
By the skin of their teeth (an old saying meaning 'just barely managed') we have a new set of Irish twins. (Two children born to the same mother within a calendar year.)
Ayden Alaxandor born July first last year, and ......

Greyson Edward born June 30 this year. So, by one day, they are Irish twins.

The boys look very much alike. You can tell they are brothers.

Their Mom did this mashup of Grey on the left and Ayd on the right when each was around five months of age.

Studio portrait of the boys taken the end of November.

Ayden checking out that new baby brother.

Sharing a high chair. These two boys are, as I like to say, "so stinkin' cute". They are both good, happy little boys who get along well together.

My fondest wish for these two is that they will always remain as close in friendship as they are in age; that they always have one another's back; that they will always be best friends as well as brothers.

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  1. I wish somebody around here would have a baby for me to enjoy. Because, you know, it's all about ME.