Saturday, December 5, 2015

Girls' Day Out

Ellen and I have been friends for 58 years. We met our freshman year of high school. We were both farm girls and had attended one-room schools, she southeast of town, me, southwest. As farm kids we didn't know too many of the other high school students. We quickly realized our schedules had the two of us taking all the same classes at the same time. Our friendship grew as a result - propinquity, I believe Zelda Gilroy explained it in a Dobie Gillis episode.
A couple of years ago we began celebrating our birthdays together, going out for lunch, doing a little shopping, you know, girl stuff. My birthday was last month but today was the day we got together. Here we are enjoying our desert, coconut creme pie, our favorite!

We had lunch at the Kansas Street Deli & Purple Cow Antiques in Afton. Ellen had heard about this place from the Afton Chief of Police who just happens to be a cousin by marriage. He said the food was good. (And it is.) The establishment is the old Rexall Drug Store and still has the original soda fountain.

As well as some of the original booths. All I can say is we must have been a lot smaller back in those days. I really liked the decor and enjoyed looking at the antiques and selection of new gifts available for purchase.

We started the day at the Community Club Arts and Crafts Extravaganza at the East Union High School. I was impressed at how large the show was - a lot of Christmas themed items but a good selection of other homemade gifts as well. (Kari came this [ ] close to having a crocheted Flat Chanticleer for her rooster collection.)

We both saw people we knew as we walked around but the first person to see Ellen was Santa Claus. He had to put his arm around her and I had to take their photo. (Santa didn't even charge me the $5.00 he was getting for photos with him in his booth.)

Many of the ceiling tiles in the activity center are works of art. We're guessing that they were painted by art students at the school.

This structure is near the playground. I think it is supposed to be the dwelling for the Olde Woman Who Lived In A Shoe. Looks like a fun place to play.

We ended our girls' day out at a quilt show back in Creston - more about that on Monday. It was a very enjoyable outing and the weather was perfect. Next June we will celebrate Ellen's birthday. Wonder what we'll come up with for a destination?

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  1. Looks like a lovely day out. It's so good (and necessary) to have our girlfriends, isn't it? You never get over needing that female friendship.

    Does Ellen have some kind of "in" with Santa? Some permanent spot on the Nice List, perhaps?