Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 5-3/5-9

Sunday - The catkins on the oak tree seem so pretty to me this year. I had to take some photos:

"Careless upon the wind the catkins swing;
They lay a golden spell upon the morning.
From their soft glee, how many trees will spring?" (Mary Webb)

Monday - A rainy, cool day. Brought in the first little bouquet of Lily of the Valley - May's birth month flower. It symbolizes sweetness and humility. "You've made my life complete" is its hidden message. That must be the reason this flower makes me so happy. (Really, I think it is its fragrance that does that.)

I liked the reflection in the window of the little bells.

May's Full Flower Moon. Note the catkins on the tree. So many of my full moon photos are now taken early in the morning because of our westerly view.

Tuesday - More rain. Now a total of 1/2" in the gauge. Supposed to have about 2" total by the end of the week. Hearing the orioles, but still haven't seen them!

Pretty pink sunrise reflecting in the rain clouds.

Wednesday - Bud decided it was time to try to shift the deck back in place.

So he bought a jack and jacked the deck up off the blocks it sets on. He and I could 'rock' it, but not quite move it. So he got a neighbor to come over and help him push it back into place.

Then underneath he went to put shims where needed. It feels much more solid again. Bums me out that I'm not able to do more to help.

Thursday - I may not have done much yesterday, but I could sure feel it today! Pretty worn out. More rain overnight. Now 90/100's of an inch in the gauge.

As the sun came up, it turned the tops of the trees golden. It almost looks like fall. Shortly after I took this photo, the sun disappeared into the clouds. The day became overcast, gray.

Friday - Finally! Saw an Oriole! He flew before I got a picture, but....

Here is the picture I took of one three years ago when they built their nest right above our deck.

We finally decided the Rose of Sharon bush we've enjoyed since moving here is completely dead.

It looks so different now with that bush gone.

Saturday - Obviously a very good year for tree seeds. The maple is so loaded with those little helicopter spinners. The deck is littered.

Just look at all the seeds yet to come down!

These two iris are all I have left after the 2012-14 winter. I lost so many of my flowers to the extreme cold.

More of the Lily of the Valley are blooming. These plants are ones I dug from both my grandmother's flower beds years ago. The columbine is from my sister-in-law, Ruthie's flower beds. These all came with me when we moved. The hostas were here. Technically very little of the space on the north side of the house is 'ours' to plant on, so this side gets a little ignored. I do most of my planting on the south.

Our total rain for the week ended up being the aforementioned 90/100's of an inch.

Just noticed that this is my 800th blog post! 

And this is the week that was......

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