Sunday, May 3, 2015

My April Reads, 2015

So much going on last week I forgot it was the end of April and time to do my 'book report'. Seven books read during the month with only one 4.5 by one of my favorite authors, Jacqueline Winspear and about a favorite character, Maisie Dobbs.

A Dangerous Place is #11 in the series. Maisie is on her way home when she realizes she isn't ready to face being back in England yet and stops off on Gibraltar. When the local officials decide that man whose body she found was killed by a refugee fleeing from the Spanish Civil War and don't pursue trying to find him, Maisie is determined to solve the murder herself. I love this series so much.

Charles Todd is another favorite author. Their (it's a mother/son writing team) Inspector Ian Rutledge series is always a good read. In A Fine Summer's Day we see what Rutledge's life was like before WWI rather than after which is when all the previous books have been set. Excellent as always. I rated it a 4.0.

Another 4.0 is a new author for me, Jan Burke. I really like her character, reporter Irene Kelly. She not only reports the news in the local paper, she helps solve mysteries. Bloodlines started kind of slow but I really got into it. As a new reporter, Kelly is taken 'under wing' by another reporter who in turn was a protege of a previous reporter in the 1940's. I especially enjoyed the snapshots of a newsroom in the 30's & 40's.

Liking Bloodlines so well, I read another Irene Kelly mystery by Burke, Liar. Irene has to locate a long estranged cousin to let him know his mother has been killed. Then they have to work together to figure who is trying to kill them and why. I gave Liar a 3.0

Charlaine Harris has become a popular writer of several series. I especially like the Aurora Teagarden mysteries.

A Fool and His Honey is #6 in this series. It has been a while since I last read one of these books and I had to reacquaint myself with the characters. I had forgotten Aurora was married to Martin. When his niece leaves her baby with them and disappears, Roe and Martin go back to his childhood home in Ohio hoping to find the baby's mother and reunite them. I had figured out the whodunit part before the end, but there is still a surprise ending which makes me anxiously awaiting the next book to find out what Harris has in store for Aurora. Rated this one 3.5.

The last two April reads are both 3.0's: Lisa Wingate's Wildwood Creek is about a film crew re-enacting the 1861 disappearance of the inhabitants of Wildwood Creek on a closed set built on the original town site. The actors have to give up their modern clothes, cell phones, computers and all modern creature comforts and live in the 19th Century town for the duration of filming. When 'action' is called strange connections between the past and present begin to occur and old mysteries are solved.
This was a good book, but I liked the author's, The Summer Kitchen, which I read some time ago, better.

Another book about liars - M.C. Beaton's Death of A Liar - #31 in the Hamish Macbeth series. I have read most but not all of the books in this series and never tire of Hamish solving murders or falling in love with inappropriate lasses. Poor Hamish, still no girl for him.

That's it for my April reads, 2015 - three 3.0's, a 3.5, two 4.0's and a 4.5. Does May hold a 5.0 for me?

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