Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 5-17/5-23

Sunday - Almost three inches of rain overnight. Flooded fields and full rivers seen on the way to Des Moines for a belated Mothers' Day Brunch and shopping.

The Middle River south of Stuart.

Where the Middle Raccoon River and the North Raccoon River meet just East of DeSoto.

Brunch was at Perkins; most of the shopping was at Kohl's. Finally found a new fragrance I like, Calvin Klein's euphoria. TJ Maxx didn't have any Ahmad English No. 1 but they did have a 50 bag box of Ahmad's Earl Grey tea. A successful shopping trip before heading to Winterset for Dominique's high school graduation party.

Dominique with her display of track and cross country ribbons and medals earned during high school.

Ki proudly introducing his son, Ayden, to his great-aunt Pat.

Naturally just as soon as I could get a hold of him, my turn with great-grandson Ayden.

Preston with his Aunt Pat.

And finally, a group family shot with the honoree in front.

Shalea's parents, Pete & Helen, Kathryn holding Ayden, Preston, Shalea, Ki and April. Me and Bud, seated, with Dominique in front. (Devin and his girlfriend had left to attend some other graduation parties. Deise was MIA.) A very good day.

Monday - Windy, sunny and cool (only 47° when I got up). Took this photo on my way to the Y:

Until a couple of weeks ago you could not see more than a glimpse of this house. There was a large tree on the southwest corner (you can see the stump) which blocked a good view of the house. It isn't in bad shape, but I like to imagine it fixed up and painted in some new Victorian colors. What colors would you choose? The downstairs porch and the sleeping porch above it both wrap around to the east side of the house, too. Wouldn't it be fun to take a tour? I just love seeing what houses are like on the inside - especially when they are this interesting on the outside.

Tuesday - And I thought yesterday was cold. It was 39° this morning with a wind chill of 31°. Brrr. Yes, the furnace is running.

Managed to get a photo of both the male and female Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks. Papa is waiting patiently for his turn at the feeder. You know, the male is pretty, but I much prefer the coloring of the female.

Wednesday - Rainy & cold again. Another .30 rain. I wasn't even out and about so no photos. So I will share another one I took Sunday:

Beautiful Iowa in the springtime. I love this scene - pastureland east of Creston. I used it on Facebook for my cover photo. Had 14 'likes' and several comments.

Thursday - He's baaack! And this time I got a picture:

I'm really hoping that some day this guy and I will be arriving or leaving the Y at the same time just so I can see who he is so I can then watch him to see if his personality matches his vanity plate. So curious.

A different female grosbeak at the feeder. She is so dark she is almost black. Very pretty.

Friday - The 'path not taken' on the way to the Y:

Some very inviting walking trails at Lake McKinley. This one starts opposite the spillway.

Which does have some water going over it. I imagine there was much more Sunday morning.

Stopped at the Rehab center to see Mom's cousin Doris. I hadn't seen her since she left the hospital and went to rehab after breaking her leg. She looks great and is doing very well. Waiting to take her first visit home since surgery. She was definitely looking forward to it. If all goes well, she will be going home in one week.
We had such a nice visit. She let me borrow her 90th Birthday book her niece made for her so I could scan some of the photos. This is my favorite:

That's Doris' mother, my great-aunt Florence, standing in back next to her eldest son, Delmar. Aunt Florence was a younger sister of my Grandfather, Joe.  Next row is Doris, kneeling, Calvin, Leota, Ester, Jim and Fern. Darlene has her arms around her Dad, my Great-uncle Tom, and the boy standing is Clyde. Imagine, nine children in fourteen years. They may not have had much, materially, but a closer, happier family you wouldn't have found. They might even have put The Walton's to shame. Doris is the last survivor.

Saturday - My eldest grandson's 34th! birthday! (Yes, I was a Grandma at age 37.)

My Mom & I went to the hospital the day after he was born to see Brock. A nurse came in and looked at Mom and then me and told me I would have to leave - "only grandparents are allowed, not aunts". I said "I am the grandmother, (pointing at Mom) she is the great-grandmother."

Because tomorrow is supposed to be 90% chance of rain and today was only 30%, we made our 150 miles, 5 hours, and 7 cemeteries pilgrimage.

This is the cemetery where my maternal grandparents and a great-great grandmother are buried. A few days ago I read in someone's blog that she did not appreciate the meaning of Memorial Day until she had visited the American Cemetery at Normandy. (To be fair, this was a fictionalized story she was posting. I am certain the blogger was well aware of the meaning.)
For me the annual Memorial weekend visits to the cemeteries is a privilege and an honor. It is precisely because I saw first hand the importance of placing flowers and remembering our departed loved ones by being with, watching and then helping my grandmother Delphia each year that I am so determined to do the same as long as I am able.

An un-decorated grave site is a sad grave indeed.  
And this is the week that was.....

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