Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Week in Words and Pictures 5-10/5-16

Before posting Sunday, a picture to finish out last Saturday:

We left late morning to pick up our two youngest grandchildren and take them with us to Cedar Rapids for their sister's college graduation on Sunday. (Their parents were already up there.) We picked up Devin at home and then drove to Huxley to pick up Dominique where she was running in a conference track meet. We got to watch her run her last event of the day the 4x100 relay. Then on to CR.

Sunday - So proud of Kathryn. After four years of hard work, she graduated from Coe College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Here she is smiling toward us after the graduates filed in. We had gotten there early and saved some good seats.

Her decorated cap.

Displaying the diploma after the ceremonies. Rain had threatened the outdoor commencement exercises, but held off. The speaker's address was even good.

On the way to Cedar Rapids we had spotted this interesting looking tree.

And stopped on the way home to take a photo not only of it, but also this one:

Bud was the one who noticed the gate and barn while I was intent upon the tree. He got better pictures, but mine wasn't too bad.

The day ended with a cold front moving in. It brought tornadoes with it but none close to us.

Monday - Cold and windy. This year's Blackberry Winter?

On the way to the Y, just before the RR underpass, Sweet William in bloom. Or is it Sweet Rocket? Or Dame's Rocket? So many names for this sweet smelling wild flower. Could the yellow flower below it be wild mustard?

Tuesday - This is a tree I pass each morning on the way to the Y. I can't tell you what kind of tree it is.

 I will have to stop some day and look at the leaves. With this tree and the one from Sunday and that redbud awhile back, I am thinking of finding a few more unusual specimens and then posting a blog entitled tortured trees.

Across the street is this beautiful bridal wreath spirea hedge.

Wednesday - Did a couple loads of laundry.

My friend Donna (in the middle) called last night to tell me she won't be having her third surgery nor any more chemo. She and Ellen (right) and I have been friends since high school - 57 years. Donna lives in Kansas City, but each May she comes up to decorate for Memorial Day. Ellen and I go with her almost every year. This year she will not be able to do it. I will be taking flowers there for her parents' graves.

Thursday - The heron was at the pond for the second morning. Usually he is at Lake McKinley.

Went to the Y and then the library for some new reading material.  Ironic that the novel I started reading this afternoon had a scene eerily reminiscent of yesterday's news.

A train had derailed after taking a curve at a high rate of speed. I can't help but think about the crash in Philadelphia when I see Amtrak go by.

Friday - A damp, foggy morning. 80/100's inch of rain overnight.

Ethereal - delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect.

I thought the dew draped spider webs on the eaves were pretty until I went out to my car and saw this rain drop sprinkled web fastened to the antenna - one of those little moments in nature to savor.

Saturday - Another 20/100's inch of rain for a total inch in two days.

Doug and Shelly came down late morning and brought my Mother's Day flowers. (They knew we weren't home last weekend.) Doug always gets me a hanging basket every year and Shelly brought me the little bouquet of lily-of-the-valley, which you know I love. 

It is always interesting each year to see what colors Doug chooses. 

Aren't these gorgeous and unusual?  

And this is the week that was .....

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