Sunday, July 24, 2016

Taking A Sunday Drive #38

With two of our kids living on the West Coast, it was plenty of incentive to head that way ourselves. Besides, I had dreamed of seeing San Francisco for thirty-five years. So after a few days there with son, Mark, we headed on up to Oregon to visit daughter, Kari and her partner, Ken, in Portland.
2003 - Our first trip to Oregon had to include a trip to the ocean. Hug Point State Park between Arch Cape and Cannon Beach was their favorite which is where these photos were taken.

 Ken and Kari in the cave at Hug Point.

Me at the waterfall.

Bud and I on the beach. We had intended to just wade up to our ankles but a wave caught us unaware and soaked us to our knees.

Portland's Saturday Market in the downtown area gave us the opportunity to try the Benson Bubblers, the city's iconic bronze drinking fountains.

We followed the scenic Historic Columbia River Highway when we left Portland, stopping at some of the many waterfalls along the way. This is me at Oregon's tallest, Multnomah Falls.

Overlooking the Columbia River. To the middle right of the photo you can see the Vista House at Crown Point built in 1918.

In 2006, we reversed the order and went to Oregon first and then to California.

Kari had told us we 'must see Crater Lake' which is where this picture was taken at our first stop to look over the rim to the lake below. There was still snow on the ground in July. Kari was right, Crater Lake National Park is a must see.

The Rogue River in Southwest Oregon has some of the most beautiful rugged scenery. I was totally captivated by this area where we stopped for awhile before entering California.

The Autumn of 2014 found us on the road west again as we journeyed to Portland for the open house at Kari & Ken's new home. I have blogged about this trip before......'s the one where I met another Ramona at the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden in Grant Park.

I did fly to Portland by myself a couple of times, but our preference is always to drive. Hopefully we will be able to do that another time or two.

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