Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I've Heard That Song Before

Every few days there is one of those internet teases which pulls me in. This morning it was this one: "The Most Popular Song The Year You Were Born". Well, of course I want to know that! 1940 is the first year listed, so if you are 'older than dirt', you'll have to find your song another way.
I really thought my song would be Glenn Miller's In The Mood. Alas, that "one of my most favorite tunes, ever" was released in 1939 and was popular in 1940. (Even though the most popular song that year was Tommy Dorsey's I'll Never Smile Again.)
Instead, the year I was born, 1943, it was one I really wasn't that familiar with.....

Harry James' I've Heard That Song Before. Helen Forrest was the vocalist. The song, dubbed by Margaret Whiting, in the movie Youth On Parade, was one of the Academy Award nominees the previous year.
The music is that very danceable sound of the Big Band Era, which, tied with early Rock N Roll tunes, is *my* music.

Vaughn Monroe's Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend) was the most popular the year I started school, 1949, while Tossin' and Turnin' by Bobby Lewis was tops in 1961, the year I graduated.

The top songs the years my children were born were I Can't Stop Loving You by Ray Charles in 1962 for Douglas; In The Year 2525 by Zager and Evans in 1969 for Kari; and Joy To The World by Three Dog Night in 1971 when Preston was born.

Top song of the year in 1945 when hubby dearest was born was Sentimental Journey by Les Brown and Doris Day. In 1974 when his son Mark was born it was The Streak by Ray Stevens.

I only recognize about half of the top songs of the 80's (and those because my children were listening to them) four from the 90's and two from 2000 -2016. Nothing brings back memories like a certain song. Apparently nothing says "you're old" like not knowing current popular songs. That's okay; I'll take the oldies but goodies any day.

While looking up info about the top song the year I was born, I discovered there is a book by the (almost) same name: I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark. You guessed it, I plan to get that book at the library tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if the song plays any part in the book.

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