Friday, July 1, 2016

A Year Later......

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary date of son Doug's first chemo and radiation treatment for the cancer on the back of his tongue. Thankfully he is able to enjoy this summer, unlike last year.

Sunday he and Shelly were going to be kayaking at Green Valley Lake and invited us to join them for lunch. They found such a peaceful picnic spot which we had all to ourselves.

While they got lunch started, Bud and I walked down to the lake's edge so I could have a picture taken of me with my newly completed walking stick on the new walking trail around the lake. It was already getting lots of use with hikers and bikers.

Shelly wanted a picture of her pie before she cut it. I hadn't had sour cherry pie in ages. It was SO good. Just enough sweetness to counteract the bite of the cherry's sourness. Shelly's strawberry/rhubarb pie is still my favorite, but I think this cherry one is a close second.

After we declined a turn in the kayaks, Doug loaded them back up. This one is Doug's.

And this is Shelly's. Doug made them both. I think they are gorgeous.

Have no idea what Bud and Doug were discussing - they look pretty serious, though.

None of us could decide what kind of tree this was so I took a photo so I could look it up when I got home. Pretty sure it is an Ash tree (and I should have known that!) so far untouched by the Emerald Ash Borer.

We had such a nice time just talking and laughing, enjoying a lovely June day. The funniest thing that happened was after we had cleaned up and I spotted this water bottle under the picnic table. I thought it might have been left by previous picnickers so I asked Shelly if it was theirs. "Oh, that's my butt bottle", she said. "Your what?!?! (I was wondering what in the heck is a butt bottle.)

Oh, a butt bottle! For reasons of health, I might wish that my daughter-in-law would/could kick the habit again, but I do admire that she is conscientious of others.

Another summer of sunshine and flowers. Another chance to be with loved ones......

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